PCB design and simulation


The Electronics Realisation group is responsible for designing PCB's and all electronic assembly tasks (PCB's, cables, racks, cryogenic setups etc).

Our skilled PCB designers use Mentor Graphics Xpedition software for the creation of a wide range of PCB technology. Amongst these are circuits for very high reliability (for use in space), high-speed digital, radio frequency (RF), cryogenic and mixed technology (analog/digital) systems. They are for use in situations such as detector electronics (flight), test setups and RF projects. We have extensive knowledge about the thermal, mechanical, electrical and EMC behaviour of these circuits. Detailed simulations using software such as MG Hyperlynx are used to evaluate designs before committing to hardware.


PCB assembly and integration


PCB's are assembled by our trained and certified personnel. They either use hand soldering or our surface mount process, which consists of a screen printing machine, a semi-automatic pick and place machine, and a vapour phase oven. We also use specialised equipment for leadforming, bonding, inspection and de-golding, and this all takes place in our high specification cleanroom rated at ISO class 7. Specific areas are rated at ISO class 5. We also build racks, assemble cable harnesses, and support our projects with many original solutions.




Cryogenic wiring and assemblies


For our cryogenic detector research, many creative and leading edge techniques are needed. For example, we develop special solutions for loom wiring and its connections, coils with thinner than 100µm wire and over 1500 windings, brackets with integrated temperature sensors, or bonded SQUIDs. Our assembly team has a great deal of experience in these fields.



Please take a look at our PCB design and assembly capabilities.