• Colloquia of the Astrophysics programme at SRON-Utrecht are on Wednesdays at 15:30.
  • Contact: E. Costantini    (e . costa ntini at sr on . n l) 
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  • Colloquia of the Astrophysics programme at SRON-Utrecht are on Wednesdays at 15:30.
  • Contact: E. Costantini    (e . costa ntini at sr on . n l) 
  • Click a year to see the schedule.


31-03-2021 Mrs. Ioanna Psaradaki (SRON/UvA) - Webinar- End-of-PhD colloquium
Title: An X-ray view of gas and dust in the diffuse interstellar medium

14-04-2021 Mr. Giacomo Cannizzaro (SRON/Radboud) - Webinar - End-of-PhD colloquium
Title: Tidal Disruption Events and hypervariable Active Galactic Nuclei


11-11-2020 Dr. Davide Lena (SRON/Radboud) - Webinar
Title: Of winds and dwarfs- AGN outflow and a hunt for intermediate mass black holes 

28-10-2020 Dr. David Rosario (Durham Univ.) - Webinar
Title: Red Quasars: an enduring mystery

21-10-2020 Dr. Yamila Miguel (SRON/ Leiden U.) - Webinar
Title: Unveiling the secrets of Jupiter with the Juno mission

29-01-2020 Mr Sebastian Gomez (CfA)
Title: FLEET: Finding Luminous and Exotic Extragalactic Transients 

22-01-2020 Prof John McKean (Groningen Univ.)
Title: Testing galaxy formation on the smallest-scales with gravitational lensing

20-01-2020 Dr. Randall Smith (CfA)
Title: Mixed morphology supernova remnants after 20 years: what have we learned?


27-11-2019: Dr. Missagh Mehdipour (SRON)
Title: Nature and origin of winds in active galactic nuclei

20-11-2019: Mr Daniele Rogantini (SRON/UvA) End-of-PhD colloquium
Title: The hot and dusty interstellar medium through X-ray spectroscopy

6-11-2019: Dr. Ciro Pinto (ESA/ESTEC) 
Title:Fast growth and feedback of black holes accreting beyond the Eddington limit

30-10-2019: Mrs Kristhell Lopez (SRON/Radboud) End-of-PhD colloquium
Title: Imaging and spectral analysis of counterparts of accreting black holes

23-10-2019: Dr. Monika Moscibrodzka (Radboud) 
Title: Photographing a black hole: the first results from the Event Horizon
Telescope and the next steps towards understanding black holes.

18-09-2019: Mrs Igone Urdampilleta (SRON/Leiden Univ.) End-of-PhD colloquium
Title: Galaxy mergers in X-rays

29-05-2019: Dr. Victoria Grinberg (Tuebingen Univ.)
Title: X-raying the clumpy winds of massive stars using X-ray binaries

20-03-2019: Dr. Zuzanna Kostrzewa-Rutkowska (SRON/Radboud)
Gaia transients status update adn results hunting for TDEs and EM counterparts to GWs

13-03-2019: Prof. Kazushi Iwasawa (Crea-Barcelona)
Title The spectrum atlas of the XMM-CDFS deep survey: AGN X-ray spectra and their evolution

13-02-2019: Dr. Reinout van Weeren (Leiden Univ.)
The Universe's largest particle accelerators

30-01-2019: Dr. Nathalie Degenaar (UvA/API)
Title: Outflows from X-ray binaries


21-11-2018: Dr. Elena Maria Rossi (Leiden Univ.)
Multi-messenger and multi-tracer tomography of the Milky Way

07-11-2018: Dr. Jayne Birkby (UvA/API)
Exoplanets atmospheres in high resolution

18-10-2018: Dr. Guido Risaliti (Arcetri obs., Italy)
Cosmoloical tests with a Hubble diagram of Quasars

05-09-2018: Prof. Amina Helmi (Groningen Univ.)
Latest results from the Gaia mission

06-06-2018: Dr. Sarka Wykes (SAO/CfA)
Knottiness of X-ray jets: testing the obstacle-in-jet model

31-05-2018: Dr. Carlo Ferrigno (Univ. of Geneva)
Discovery of Gravitational Waves and Panchromatic ElectromagneticRadiation from a Binary Neutron Star Merger

26-04-2018: Dr. Agata Rozanska (Copernicus center, Warsaw)
Density diagnostic from photoionization modelling of absorbing/emitting regions in AGN

18-04-2018: Mr Junjie Mao (SRON/Leiden) End-of-PhD colloquium
Astrophysical plasma modeling of the hot universe

28-03-2018: Dr. Paolo Esposito (UvA)
Periodic signals from very (ultra) luminous X-ray binary sources

21-03-2018: Prof. Raffaella Morganti (ASTRON)
The life and times of radio jets

14-02-2018: Ms Sascha Zeegers (SRON/Leiden) End-of-PhD colloquium
High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of interstellar dust

31-01-2018: Ms Catia Silva (SRON/UvA) End-of-PhD colloquium
A spectral timing approach to the study of AGN outflows


29-11-2017: Dr. Margherita Giustini (SRON)
A global view of the inner accretion/ejection flow around super massive black holes

27-11-2017: Dr. Silvia Piranomonte (Rome Observatory)
The discovery of the first electromagnetic countepart of a binary neutron star merger: GRAWITA follow-up observations of GW170817

15-11-2017: Prof. Karina Caputi (Groningen Univ.)
SMUVS: Spitzer's Largest Window to the Early Universe

18-10-2017: Dr. Norbert Werner (Budapest Univ.)
Cluster of galaxies physics

13-09-2017: Ms. Anna Ogorzalek (Stanford)
Utilizing X-ray gas velocity measurements as a new probe of AGN feedback in giant elliptical galaxies

09-05-2017: Dr. Javier Garcia (Caltech)
Observing the Strong-Field Region near Black Holes using X-ray Reflection Spectroscopy

12-04-2017: Mr Francois Mernier (SRON/Leiden) End-of-PhD colloquium
From supernovae to galaxy clusters: Observing the chemical enrichment in the hot intra-cluster medium

29-03-2017: Dr. Victoria Grinberg (ESTEC)
Probing accretion physics and stellar winds with X-ray binaries

22-03-2017: Dr. Nick Stone (Columbia Univ.)
Theory and observations of tidal disruption events

01-03-2017: Dr. Sara Elisa Motta (Oxford Univ.)
The black hole binary V404 Cygni: a highly-accreting obscured AGN analogue

23-02-2017: Dr. Stefano Ettori (Bologna observatory)
The mass in galaxy clusters from X-ray/SZ observables

18-01-2017: Prof. Rens Waters (SRON/UvA)
Herbig Ae/Be stars: laboratories for planet formation


02-11-2016: Dr. Lingyu Wang (SRON-Groningen)
Star formation rates and luminosity functions in the low-redshift Universe

20-09-2016: Prof. Sera Markoff (UvA)
Understanding the dominant state of active black holes in the Universe

14-09-2016: Dr. Caroline d'Angelo (Leiden Univ.)
How do accretion outbursts change the spin evolution in neutron stars?

18-07-2016: Dr. Anna Lia Longinotti (INAOE, Puebla, MX)
Feedback in a Seyfert Galaxy produced by a multi-component X-ray ultra-fast wind: the case of IRAS17020+4544

01-06-2016: Dr. Rene' Goosmann (Strasbourg Univ.)
X-ray polarimetry: a new window to the X-ray sky

20-04-2016: Dr. Pratika Dayal (Groningen Univ.)
The first billion years of galaxy formation

06-04-2016: Dr. Gijs Nelemans (Radboud Univ., Nijmegen)
Gravitational wave astronomy (what's in it for us?)

14-03-2016: Mr. Matteo Bianconi (Innsbruk Univ.)
Star formation and black hole accretion activity in rich local clusters of galaxies

24-02-2016: Dr. Franciska Kemper (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
The production of dust by evolved stars in the Magellanic Cloud

11-01-2016: Prof Chris Done (Durham)
Reverberation mapping of NGC5548


26-11-2015: Mr Tullio Bagnoli (SRON/UvA) End-of-PhD colloquium
Extremes of accretion and thermonuclear burning in NS X-ray binaries

25-11-2015: Ms Laura di Gesu (SRON/Leiden) End-of-PhD colloquium
Winds in active Galactic Nuclei

28-10-2015: Ms Marianne Heida (SRON/Nijmegen) End-of-PhD colloquium
Red supergiants counterparts of ultraluminous X-ray sources

24,25-09-2015: Mini-workshop on "physical processes in hot plasmas"

02-09-2015: Prof. Daniel Proga (Univ. of Nevada Las Vegas)
The Physics of Radiation-Driven Outflows in Active Galactic Nuclei.

03-06-2015: Dr. Alessandro Patruno (Leiden Univ.)
Metamorphosis in the Sky: Rebirth of Pulsars and Stellar Cannibalism

15-04-2015: Dr. Matthew Kenworthy (Leiden Univ.)
The discovery of the first giant ring system outside the Solar system

30-03-2015: Dr. Craig Heinke (Univ. of Alberta)

18-03-2015: Dr. Michael Wise (ASTRON)
Beyond Feedback: Tracing the Energetics of Cluster Evolution over Cosmic Time

11-03-2015: Dr. Jacco Vink (GRAPPA/UvA)
What determines the efficiency of particle acceleration by astrophysical shocks?

11-02-2015: Dr. Barbara de Marco (MPE)
X-ray reverberation: a tool to unveil the inner regions of accreting black holes

20-01-2015: Dr. Jukka Nevalainen (Helsinki Univ.)
Finding and characterising WHIM structures using the luminosity density method


26-11-2014: Dr. Adam Ingram (API/Uva)
Looking for Lense-Thirring precession around black holes

19-11-2014: Dr. Ilse van Bemmel (JIVE)
Feeding the monster: black hole accretion in active and less active galaxies

15-10-2014: Dr. Nanda Rea (Institut de Ciencies de L'Espai, API)
From magnetars to normal pulsars via secular cooling and population synthesis